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About STI

Secretariat Training Institute (STI) was established in January 1956 at Karachi as an integral part of the Establishment Division. The Institute was declared an Attached Department of the Establishment Division on July 1, 1960. STI is housed in its own building at H-9, Islamabad since December 1987. Primary mandate of the Institute is capacity building of Federal Government Employees. The training has two main steams i.e. Specialized Trainings and General Capacity Building. STI is the specialized training academy for CSS probationers belonging to Office Management Group (OMG); whereas different capacity building courses are designed and held round the year for officials and officers in BS-17 to BS-19 belonging to Federal government. Details are available on relevant segment of this website..........

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News & Events
  • Office Management Wing:
  • Specialized Training Program for the participants of Section Officers Promotional Examination-2016 (SOPE) started from 16-08-2018 concluded on 09-11-2018 with 27 participants.
  • One month training course on “Public Sector Management” was held at STI from 04-02-2019 to 01-03-2019 for the officers of the Federal Government in BS-17 to BS-19 with 45 participants. Main topics covered were Rules of Business, Secretariat Noting & Drafting, Office Procedure, Financial Rules and Budgeting, Human Resource Management, E-government etc.
  • One week training course on “Ethics, Manners and Hospitality” was held in STI from 18-02-2019 to 22-02-2019 for officials BPS-1 to BPS 7 with 74 participants. Main topics covered were General Ethics and behaviors, Punctuality and Discipline, Movement of Papers, Sense of Responsibility and handling of Fax, Photocopier and Computer etc.
  • One week training course on ”Microsoft Office & Internet” was held in STI from 11-02-2019 to 15-02-2019 for officials BPS 9 to BPS 16 with 41 participants. Main topics covered were MS Word 2013, MS Excel 2013, MS Power Point 2013 and Internet Browsing, Surfing and Email Handling etc.
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