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About STI

Secretariat Training Institute (STI) was established in January 1956 at Karachi as an integral part of the Establishment Division. The Institute was declared an Attached Department of the Establishment Division on July 1, 1960. STI is housed in its own building at H-9, Islamabad since December 1987. Primary mandate of the Institute is capacity building of Federal Government Employees. The training has two main steams i.e. Specialized Trainings and General Capacity Building. STI is the specialized training academy for CSS probationers belonging to Office Management Group (OMG); whereas different capacity building courses are designed and held round the year for officials and officers in BS-17 to BS-19 belonging to Federal government. Details are available on relevant segment of this website.........

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News & Events
  • Specialized Training Program for Section Officers (BS-17) belonging to 38th OMG Batch/43rd CTP has been started at STI w.e.f. 8-4-2016.
  • Rai Yasir Farhad, Deputy Director NAB delivered a lecture on "Parliament and Legislative Procedures" on 06-06-2016.
  • Dr. Zia-ur-Rehman, Professor, NDU delivered a lecture on "Theoretical Model of Decision Making and Problem Solvoing Techniques" on 02-06-2016.
  • The probationers of Office Management Group visited PPRA, Mr. Ijaz Khokhar, Director (Admn) gave presentation on the working of PPRA. Thereafter Managing Director Mr. Aamir Hassan met with the delegation" on 27-05-2016.
  • Mr. Shoaib Mir, Addl. Secretary, Establishment Division delivered a lecture on "Fundamental Rights and Rule of Law" on 26-05-2016.
  • Dr. Iram Anjum Khan, Joint Secretary, Cabinet Division delivered a lecture on "Regulatory Bodies, Origin, Role, Importance & Challenges" on 24-05-2016.
  • Mr. Munir Ahmad, Special Secretary (Retd) delivered a lecture on "Constitution of Office Management Group and Secretariat Group" on 23-05-2016.
  • Mr. Zulfiqar Kazmi, Collector of Customs, Appeals, FBR delivered a lecture on "Taxation Structure of Government of Pakistan" on 17-05-2016.
  • The Probationers visited NEPRA, Mr. Hammad Shamimi D.G. NEPRA received the group. Thereafter, Mr. Zaigham Alvi, Senior Advisor delivered a presenation on the working and role of NEPPRA" on 13-05-2016.
  • Dr. Anees Ahmad, Vice Chancellor, RIU delivered a lecture on "Effects of Religion in Personal and Professional Life" on 20-04-2016.
  • Mr. Amjad Mahmood, Secretary (Retd) delivered a lecture on "Civil Service as a Career, Challenges & Prospects" on 13-04-2016.
  • A course on "Public Procurement Rules and Procedures" was held from 06-06-2016 to 10-06-2016 with 36 participants from different Ministries/ Division/ Departments.
  • A course on "Microsoft Excel Advanced" was held from 30-05-2016 to 03-06-2016 with 36 participants from different Ministries/ Division/ Departments.
  • A course on "Office Procedures" was held from 23-05-2016 to 03-06-2016 with 34 participants from different Ministries/ Division/ Departments.
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