Application Form

Training Need Assessment Form

Please identify the knowledge & skills that are required at the Ministry:

Skills Skill Need Targeted Cadre Expected Number Of Trainees Other Cadre
File Work & Paper Mangement
Written & Oral Skills
Supervision of Staff
Procurement Procedures
Placing Orders and Market Engagements
Financial and Accounting Skills
Book Keeping
Preparation of Payrolls
Preparation of Budget
Research & Analysis
Information Processing
Report Writing
Typing Urdu
Typing English
Official English
Urdu Zabaan e Daftari
Program Management
Emotional Maturity & Intelligence
Public & Customer Service
Communication Skills
Mailing & Filing Correspondence
Media Management
Creativity and Flexible Thinking
Decision Making
Ability to work independently
Patience and Respectfulness
Determination and Dedication
Event Management and Meetings
IT & Office Management Skills
E-Office and E-Filing Sysem
Social Media Skills
Key Performing Indicators (KPIs)
Confidence & Drive
Ability to meet deadlines
Coping with Stress
Ability to organize and prioritize work load
Interpersonal skills
Listening Skills
Logical Approach to Problem Solving
Efficiency & Achieving Results
Staying Focused
Perseverance and motivation
Honesty & Integrity
Reliability & Discretion
Work Values & Office Ethics